Let Your Light Shine

  • From the Album: Get Into the Word - Volume 1
  • Composed by: Diane Windle
  • Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:16
  • Lyrics:

Brother, have you noticed -- it's darker every day?
I'm afraid things are lookin' mighty grim
But take a closer look--some kids live by the Book
They want to let their light shine out for Him

In the same way, in the same way
let your light shine before men
that they may see
your good deeds
and praise your Father in heaven.
and praise your Father in heaven.

You can't hide a city that sits upon a hill
Its light can be seen for miles around
And when you light a candle you want to see it shine
You don't hide it in a place it can't be found

I can't hide the light of Jesus in my life
He lives in me--I have to let Him shine
I will be a beacon in this dark and dying world
I will live for Jesus all the time

Underlined lyrics are repeated